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  • Backups


    I have L4 set to auto back-up every 20 mins. Where are those backs stored? I tried to restore from backuo just now and it took me to a folder with no backups in it!!

  • Export image freezes on Mac


    Export freezes on Mac and I have to force quit. Happens on all images in Luminar catalogue. This has also been reported on Windows.

  • Update to 4.1.1 in UK


    Updated this morning and there does seem to be some improvement in performance. But now none of the Luminar plugins work, click on say, Topaz Studio and absolutely nothing happens. It is the same f...

  • Plugin Edits on new layer


    What L4 does is create a new layer with the plugin edits baked in. The problem is there is no way of knowing that has happened. As far as the Library is concerned it just shows that I have a raw fi...

  • Topaz Studio 2 (and others) as plugin to L4


    Can someone explain how L4 works with the Studio 2 plugin. Just tried it and Luminar did not create a tiff to send to Studio it appeared to send the raw data and receive the raw data back from Stud...

  • Luminar 4.1 Patch


    It is being said on FB that there is a 4.1.1 patch out for Luminar. It is not showing as an update on my Mac. Is there such a thing and what does it achieve please?Thank you

  • Eraser Tool not reliable (and other things)


    What the hell is the matter with Skylum staff on here? I post an issue and you come back asking me to do something and then close the thread as answered. Now listen, this is quite simple - this is ...

  • Slow filters - Luminar 4.1


    May have been some premature optimism re performance gains. Crashes have gone away but there is still significant delay when moving sliders. At times some filters almost lock up and no matter how m...

  • Erase Tool - Luminar 4.1


    Anyone noticed bugs on the erase tool in 4.1 on Mac? Have had instances where it won't work when using it for the second time and also where having used it the deletion is not reflected on the imag...

  • Luminar Plugins to Ps


    I only have L4.1 on my Mac and the plugin folder in Ps only holds the plugin for that app. Why is it then that both L3 and Flex show up as available plugins in the Ps menu, even though clicking on ...