Keine Presets mit den Endungen .jpg / .png in Luminar Neo zu integrieren




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    Katherine Nelson

    Hi Axel,

    Could you let us know the names of the packs you have purchased?

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    Axel Bauer

    Hi Katherine,  



    Clever Photographer

    We operate during standard UK business hours, Monday through Saturday.

    Mailing Address:

    Bors Photography, Winden Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, UK

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    Margaret Bright

    Hi Axel,

    The bundle that you purchased includes not only presets, but also skies to use in Sky AI tool. Those are the images that you can see in the pack.

    Here's how to upload custom skies to Luminar Neo: 

    • Load a picture with the sky that you want to replace in Luminar.

    • In the top-bar menu, select the Edit tab.

    • In the right Tools panel, scroll down to the Creative section.

    • Choose Skyᴬᴵ > Sky Selection

    • In window that opens select upper menu with skies > find Custom in drop-down list: 

      In Custom section press on button: 

    • A dialog window will open where you'll need to navigate to the folder with your skies and choose the one you need. 

    • Confirm the selection and enjoy the tool!
    Please note that this way allows you to upload one sky image at a time.

    If you'd like to add these skies to the default menu list, click Skyᴬᴵ tool > Sky Selection Show Custom Skies > copy the sky textures to the folder that opens. 

    It is recommended to keep fewer than 50 skies at a time loaded for better performance. 

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