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    Helena Carter

    Hi Luc Bkain,

    Could you please send us event logs to

    1. Reproduce the issue. 
    2. Press the Windows logo key + R.
    3. Type eventvwr in the dialog box that opens and hit Enter on your keyboard.
    4. In the window that opens click the triangle next to Windows Logs on the left. A directory tree should open.
    5. Click Application in the directory tree. 
    6. In the main part of the window find the two topmost entries marked with Error named Application Error and .NET Runtime.
    7. Hold CTRL and click your left mouse button on each entry to select them both.
    8. Right-click on any of the two selected entries and click Save Selected Events.
    9. Name the file, save it, and attach it to your reply to the email to

    A video tutorial on how to collect logs: 

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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