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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi Rodney Beynon,

    Could you please let us know the following:

    • It'd be appreciated if you could send us a screenshot of your full Catalog structure.
      Please make sure we can see the total number of photos added and all the folders.

    • Are they located on the internal or external drive?
    • What is the model of the camera you are shooting on?
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    Carl Peterson


      There is something else going in here. I typically work on a catalog with some 11,000 images and Neo takes just about 6 seconds to open on my system.  Granted, it's a fast PC and I use SSD drives.

      In addition to what Elena asked for, would you please post a bit more information about the computer you are using?

    Mac or PC

    What processor

    How much RAM

    What kind of disk drives, and are they nearly full?


    Carl (note: I'm not an employee of Skylum, but do co-host the Skylum Coffee Break sessions where we do help with problems like yours.  If you are Skylum Insiders member you can find the Coffee Break sessions in the Events section)

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