Can't import photos from some folders




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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi there,

    Could you please let us know the following:

    • It'd be appreciated if you could send us a screenshot of your full Catalog structure.

      Please make sure we can see the total number of photos added and all the folders.

    • Are they located on the internal or external drive?
    • What is the model of the camera you are shooting on?
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    Hi Elena,

    This is my current category. F is an internal drive.

    Another drive I want to add (but failed) is an internal drive E (3 TB), it has ~100K pictures (JPG + RAW).

    I'm using Sony A7R III, A9 and A6500.


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    Tania Taylor

    Hi Member!

    Please note that we don't recommend adding the whole drive to the app's catalog as it might disrupt its performance. The thing is that your Luminar doesn't physically save photos in its Library/Catalog but only establishes a connection with the files located on your internal/thumb/cloud drive. That is why we do not recommend adding the whole drive to your Luminar Neo catalog. Judging from our experience, the recommended size of the catalog is 5000-7000 pictures.
    Working with several catalogs is pretty intuitive. You can create one per event, for instance, and add a descriptive name (e.g. France_2021_Luminar_Neo_Catalog) for quicker access. To switch between catalogs, you can click File > Catalog > Open Recent (in this case, there's no need to search around the folders looking for the Catalog. The app will suggest the last used catalog files) or Open... and choose the catalog you're interested in.  

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