Luminar Neo distortion issue with Fujifilm x-s10 raw files




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    Margaret Bright

    Hi Junaid,

    The thing is that Luminar Neo uses a pure RAW converter. It shows more information than any other photo processor. This distortion in the RAW photo appears due to the optic peculiarity of the lens structure.

    There are Lens and Perspective Correction tools in the Develop RAW tool, so you can fix your photo manually. The only reason you do not see this distortion in other software is due to the automatic Lens Correction.

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    It is true that NEO does not automatically correct lens distortion. You can activate the correction in the Development tool and there under Optics. However, NEO does not correct with real lens profiles, but corrects in that it detects crooked lines and then straightens them. It is amazing how accurately this works. If the correction does not work, you can readjust the manual sliders.

    Your RAW file is certainly not broken, especially if it can be viewed by other programs.

    @ Margaret
    NEO's RAW converter is definitely NOT the converter that displays the most information. I think you are talking a bit too much advertising-bla-bla here.

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