Maintaining the Luminar Neo Catalog




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Will - 

    If the files are in the Single Image Edits shortcut, you can right-click them and choose > Remove from Single image edits. 

    If these  images are in the folder added to Luminar: 

    1. You can remove the entire folder (right-click it > Remove from Catalog). The folder will remain intact on your drive.

    2. You can move the necessary files to Luminar Trash. Luminar Trash is virtual storage, this action doesn't delete images from the drive. You can just keep the files there. However, if you open the Luminar Trash and choose to empty it, the files will be placed in your system trash bin. 

    3. You can use this workaround:

    - Create an empty new folder and add it to your catalog.
    - Within Luminar, move the folder that you wish to remove to this new folder (by dragging and dropping). Please note that it will also be moved to this folder on your hard drive.
    - Right-click on this new folder and choose Remove from catalog. The images will not be deleted from the hard drive.

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    Lumina AI can do this, and there's no excuse for such a basic function as "remove from catalog" not being built into Neo. What I did was simply to move the files to another folder in the operating system, and they disappear from Lumina Neo.(I actually moved them with Lightroom, which also supports separate removing from the catalog and removing from disk).

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