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    jon Stadman

    I cannot use Luminar Neo as a plug-in in Lrc

    The apply feature does not appear when I open it I have reinstalled Luminar Neo several time to no avail

    In PS it works fine. as it should

    Any suggestions

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    Katherine Nelson

    Hi Jon,

    Can you please try to start scrolling and see if the scroll bar appears?

    Concerning the plugin, please try to access Luminar Neo from Adobe Lightroom this way:

    • Right-click on the image > Export >  Luminar Neo > You have an option to Open Source Files or, if you've made any changes in Lightroom that you'd like to transfer over to Luminar Neo, you can also choose Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.

    After applying adjustments in Luminar Neo your photo should appear in Lightroom's Catalog > All Photographs. 

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