Speed Issues: Neo does not export, had to revert to using AI


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    Helena Carter

    Hi Photo Teacher

    Does the situation improve when you export 200+- photos or less?

    Usually, the performance depends on the number of photos you have in your catalog, their format (it can take a bit more time to load RAW or TIFF files), your hardware configuration, and the place where you store your photos (it works faster when the photos are located on an internal drive).

    Nevertheless, we are constantly improving the speed of the app to provide our artists with the best quality. In fact, it's one of our top priorities at the moment. 

    Could you please let us know the following:

    • How many images are there in your Library? Please send us a screenshot of your Catalog file structure.

    Please make sure we can see the total number of photos added and all the folders.

    • Where are they located (on an internal or external drive)?
    • What's the format and size of the files you're working with?

    Next, could you try creating a new catalog adding fewer photos, and see if the issue persists? In the top bar menu choose File > Catalog > New

    Try adding folders one by one. Avoid adding big folders like your Drive one.


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