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    yves varin

    Hi Dennis.

    I myself had a lot of problems with most of the so-called "AI" functions. My processor was used at 100% while that of my graphics card was only used at a few %.

    If you have an NVidia card, install the latest driver and see if it offers you 2 options during installation. One is for gamers, the other for photo and video editing in particular. The second option changes everything. The processor and the graphics card are used more or less at 50% each during heavy processing and I no longer have any crashes.

    Maybe this is a solution for you.

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    Ivan Azure

    Hi Denis,

    Please send us the following information via

    Event logs:

    1. Press the Windows logo key + R.
    2. Type eventvwr in the dialog box that opens and hit Enter on your keyboard.
    3. In the window that opens click the triangle next to Windows Logs on the left. A directory tree should open.
    4. Click Application in the directory tree. 
    5. In the main part of the window find the two topmost entries marked with Error named Application Error and .NET Runtime.
    6. Hold CTRL and click your left mouse button on each entry to select them both.
    7. Right-click on any of the two selected entries and click Save Selected Events.
    8. Name the file, save the element.

      Here is the video tutorial on how to collect logs 

    Hardware configuration:

    N.B. The links are clickable and show the screenshots that can guide you, if necessary.

    Here is the video tutorial on how to retrieve your system info     

    Hi Member,

    Currently, the software relies mainly on CPU and RAM. The application can use the maximum amount of RAM when one works with the program. But as soon as the user finishes the editing, the RAM consumption drops again. 


    We have been using the GPU for a long time to improve the speed of some processes, e.g., B. opening RAWs, "denoising" operations, etc. More powerful hardware can speed up the indicated procedures. Please note the following: currently, it is impossible to link all technologies in Luminar to GPU in the form in which the elements function.


    Making Luminar rely more on GPU is one of the significant tasks in our docket - we're constantly working on optimizing the editing algorithms/resources usage.


    One can try clicking on Settings > System > Display > Graphics > Change default graphics settings > Switch on “Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling”.

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