Luminar 4 not showing as Plug-in in PS 2022 - yes, I tried all the ways suggested.




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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Member,

    We've updated Luminar 4 to run on M1 Macs vis Rosetta 2, but there won't be native M1 support.

    Since the app runs on M1 Macs via Rosetta 2, Photoshop should be launched via Rosetta 2 as well, here's how you can do that: 

    Let us know if it helped.


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    So... Apple is already on to M2... and you still haven't figured out M1 after 2+ years? Kind of a red flag, don't you think? Even the article you linked to is year and half old - what have you been doing in that year and a half?

    "but there won't be native M1 support."

    Oh, then I guess I will look for something else to use that doesn't require jumping through a bunch of hoops to use it. I'm not going to perform for you.

    "Let us know if it helped."

    Yup... helped me decide to look into alternatives. But let's be real here... your software doesn't really do anything that can't be done in PS. It's little more than a couple handy actions in the form of a plug-in. The only thing you really excelled at was sky replacement, but PS does that now too... and really, who cares? I used it a couple times just to see how it works, but I would never actually use it. How lame will it be when people start to recognize which "cloud package" you used in a photo? Seriously. Unless the clouds are generated with AI (instead of just being a superimposed JPG), I would suggest no one ever use it. It's a feature for normies to abuse.... and that's all you got.

    I also like how "AI enhance/structure" is just renamed sharpening.

    Anyway... when it just works, your product is fine... but it doesn't do anything to justify jumping through hoops to make work.

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Member,

    Please note that Luminar AI and Luminar Neo run natively on the M1 chip. 

    Luminar 4's support has been discontinued, so this version will run only in the compatibility mode. 

    As for the Sky AI tool, it gives an option to upload your own sky photos. For instance, taken in the same place, just when the weather conditions are better. 

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