Sehr, sehr langsam auf Mac Studio



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    Agatha Winter

    Hi Chrid - Let me address your issue.

    According to our experience, the software works smoother with up to 3-5k images in one catalog. We recommend dividing images between several catalogs. You can simply switch between them via File > Catalog > Open.

    Could you please create a new Catalog and check whether the performance improves? 

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Stephan Pfaffinger


    from Skylum always comes the same statement.
    What kind of computer do you have? 
    How big is the catalog
    Try a new installation.
    Contact the support etc.

    The simple fact is that Luminar AI and Neo do not perform well when processing RAW images. Even if there are only 10 RAWs in the catalog.
    I had asked in a forum entry how long the export times (at that time with Luminuar AI) are with Skylum itself with 24 MP raw files. Here a staff member admitted that it takes 10-20 seconds even with them.
    As you say, the program is only usable for processing individual RAWs. Or for the processing of multiple JPGs. For professional use with multiple RAWs, even with the latest hardware, hardly usable.

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    Chrid Fickinger

    Hello Agatha,

    I've already done that. I have imported this project with about 150 images as a stand-alone project into a new catalogue. 

    Even with a catalogue with 150 images that are internally on a very fast SSD, the export of the images is extremely slow. Absolutely no comparison to Adobe Lightroom, for example.

    My configuration is:
    Mac Studio M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD internal, macOS Monterey 12.4.

    Both images and catalogue are stored on the SSD, which should normally be super fast...

    I would be very helped if you would answer openly and honestly. Is there a known solution to this problem or is this actually the real performance of the software?

    If this is the real performance, which I honestly believe, then the software can hardly be used professionally. I would still keep the licence but only for individual edits and gimmicks, for professional use I would stay with Lightroom.

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    Elena Blum

    Hi Chrid,

    I definitely understand how it can be frustrating to have it not work the way you think it should,  so hopefully we can get this sorted out for you.  Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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