Performance - I'm not able to work with Neo




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    Katherine Nelson

    Hi Michael!

    We'd be glad to offer you some steps that might improve the performance. 

    Please kindly send us your hardware configuration:

    N.B. The links are clickable and show the screenshots that can guide you, if necessary.

    Here is the video tutorial on how to retrieve your system info  

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    Michael Wardeh-Jossep

    Hi Katherine, thank you for your answer. I uploaded the file last night. Looking forward to help. Regards, Michael


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    Ben Karnaghan

    Any news on this? The performance when even loading an image makes this program unusable! 

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    Ivan Azure

    Hi Ben,

    Reinstall the application in the following way (make sure to save all necessary results in advance):
    1. Go to “Apps and Features” by right click on the Start button;
    2. Find Luminar there and click [Uninstall] (you can also uninstall from the Control Panel);
    3. Type %appdata% in Search (folder Roaming should open);
    4. Find the folder “LuminarNeo” and delete it (it deletes your activation for Luminar Neo too);
    5. Go to Pictures and rename the folder called Luminar Neo Catalog (if you have your Catalog anywhere else, find it and rename it).
    6. Install the app once again and launch it:
    7. Activate the software by logging in to your Skylum account. Next, add a small folder with images for editing. 

    Try increasing the pagefile size:
    The pagefile is a minimum of 1.5 times and a maximum of two-three times your physical RAM. You can calculate your pagefile size using the following system:
    For minimum: [1GB RAM (1024 mb) x Installed RAM x Minimum]
    For a system with 32GB RAM, it would have a minimum of 1024x32x1.5=49152 MB,
    The maximum is calculated this way: [1GB RAM (1024 mb) x Installed RAM x Maximum].
    But if increasing the pagefile doesn't bring any positive changes, please set it back to "Automatically manage paging files size for all drives".

    If the issue persists, we recommend continuing the troubleshooting session via

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