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    Kate Williams

    Hi Member,

    The 'Recently Added' section is just a default shortcut that displays the files that have been added to the Catalog recently. It's not a separate folder that can be permanently removed. 

    The image files can disappear from there only if you remove them from the Single Image shortcut (on the condition that you added separate image files, not a folder) or from the folder added to the Catalog.

    Luminar's Catalog has features of DAM (digital asset manager), which is why the app's interface can be used to manage the files on the drive. As a result, deleting files from the in-app trash results in deleting them from your drive.

    If you'd like to delete the folder with images so that it's left intact on your drive, right-click this folder and choose "Remove from Catalog". 

    As far as the separate image files that belong to a folder are concerned, you can use this workaround:

    1) Create an empty new folder and add it to your catalog.
    2) Within Luminar, move the files that you wish to remove to this new folder (by dragging and dropping). Please note that the files will also be moved to this folder on your hard drive.
    3) Right-click on this new folder and choose Remove from catalog. The images will not be deleted from the hard drive.

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    Hi Kate,

    Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful reply! I appreciate you taking the time to offer this guidance. Thanks!



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