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    Anastasiia Moore

    Hi Iain Haste,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've had an unpleasant experience with our software.

    The performance depends on different factors such as the number of photos in your Catalog, their format, size, the place you store them (the internal or external drive), the hardware configuration, etc.

    We'd be very grateful if you could give us a chance so we could help you and troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing.

    You mentioned that the app crashes. Could you please let us know what app you're referring to (Luminar 3, Luminar 4, etc.) and clarify when exactly the app crashes - during the editing or exporting of the photos?

    Have you tried to restore from the backup after the software crashed? Here's how to do it:
    1. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and start Luminar. Keep holding Option until you see a window with a list of available backups appear.
    2. Select a backup that was created before you encountered the issue with the library and click Restore from Backup.
    Here is the video tutorial that may also be helpfulhttps://www.loom.com/share/2fad8457bbb34faa948ea766a002aad8

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Iain Haste

    Hi Anastasiia,

    Luminar 4.

    Last night I was trying to edit a single image after resetting the software following the instructions from my last ticket. As such, there were no other images in my catalog.

    The photo i was editing was stored on my desktop using the internal SSD.

    The software struggles when editing a photo although exporting was also slow.

    I'm sick and tired of having to uninstall it, reinstall it and delete all the folders. This shouldn't be the case with every OS update. There are countless posts about people experiencing the same issues.

    I have my other photos stored on my desktop so I can load them back in, but the edits I have done on a lot of them will be lost. As far as i'm concerned those edits are gone. Please just focus on fixing the issue of the software running slow when editing. I know the software runs plenty fast enough on my mac but this issue arises with every software update and its pathetic


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    Alina Skylum

    Hi Iain Haste,

    Please try the following:

    1. Make sure Luminar is closed.
    2. Locate your Luminar 4 Catalog folder. The default location is %username%\Pictures\. If you specified a custom location for your catalog, search your custom location.
    3. Rename the Luminar 4 Catalog folder as well as Luminar 4 Catalog.luminar file inside this folder. Choose any name you like.
    4. Open Finder.
    5. Navigate to Applications > Utilities.
    6. Launch Terminal.
    7. Paste the following string into the Terminal window: defaults delete com.skylum.luminar4
    8. Press Enter on your keyboard.
    9. Close Terminal.
    10. Launch Luminar. Go through the initial setup. Leave the location of the catalog at the default (in the Pictures folder). 
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