Aurora HDR Pink Screen




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    John Cooklis

    The "latest" version of Aurora HDR for the Mac is 1.0.1 (6438).  This is probably what you had originally, and what you have now.  It is effectively unsupported as none of the bugs have been fixed since it was released.  (I believe the only reason for 1.0.1 was that it didn't;t work at all after a particular macOS release.)  I have had good luck avoiding problems by only using it in batch mode, and only with certain input/output formats and options.

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    Marco Marrocco

    Yeah, at this point Aurora is pretty much abandoned.

    If you're getting some weird artifacts in the HDR composite, try looking up the free Adobe DNG converter, and then convert your bracketed exposures to DNGs; I have gotten more reliable results this way, even though my DSLR is allegedly supported.




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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Member,

    Panasonic GH5M2 is not supported by Aurora HDR, I'm afraid.

    Here's the full list of supported cameras: 


    We recommend you install Adobe DNG Converter and convert your RAW files to DNG file format (which is supported by Aurora). 

    Please use one of the links below to download Adobe DNG Converter:

    For Mac OS:   


    For Windows:

    Alternatively, we can refund your order. Simply let our support team know that you'd like to proceed with a refund.

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