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    Alina Skylum

    Hi Scott Baker,

    I'm very sorry to see this problem. Can you please tell us when exactly the memory consumption increases?

    Do you use any particular tool before this happens? We would really appreciate to hear what kind of workflow you have to understand the problem better.

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    Scott Baker

    Begins with opening the app. Then with almost every adjustment slider.

    I have responded to an email

    Thank you


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    Carl Peterson


      Given that Skylum Software is located in the Ukraine, I would expect any responses to be very much delayed now.

      Luminar AI and Luminar Neo are very highly threaded and very CPU intensive when they are actually working on an edit step.  You should expect to see spikes like you are showing.  Luminar Neo is better, and does make some use of the GPU.  But in both, you should see the CPU drop as soon as the edit step has finished computing.

      I need to know a couple of things.  First, how much total RAM does your system have?  Windows will take about 3GB, and Neo can vary from 3GB up to about 8GB depending on your total image size.

      Second, when you start Neo does the CPU usage spike and then settle down as Neo completes loading in and displaying your catalog?

      Third, does the CPU usage spike while editing and then settle down after the edit step finishes, or remain at high CPU use even when you believe it to be idle?

      Finally, you show only the first two lines of your Task Manager.  Are there any other large applications like Lightroom running?



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