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    Randal Queen

    Those were going to be some of the last features phased in, or added. Somewhere on the site under NEO, or when you compare to other apps, it will tell you the approximate date they plan to add those features. If one were to go to the Neo page, and click on Product Delivery Stages, it states those will come on the first Free Update. No date.

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    Tania Taylor

    Hi Member!

    With the first major update (Luminar 1.1.0), we will add such features as:

    • Mask AI — smart AI-based masking that detects specific elements in your image
    • Portrait Background Removal AI — smart AI-based removal of the background behind a portrait without manual masking
    • Histogram 
    • Clone & Stamp
    • Dodge & Burn
    • Undo and Redo
    • More Hotkeys
    • Copy and Paste functionality for Adjustments
    • More functionality when using Masking (Copy/Paste, Pen Pressure for Radius/Opacity, and Linear/Radial gradient)
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