Pressing BACKSPACE in Layers deletes the image in progress completely.




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    Tania Taylor

    Hi Norm Gilbert!

    I'm sorry to hear that you've lost your edits. I've passed your concern about the Backspace button to our team and we'll investigate this case.

    As for deleting overlays, you can do this by right-clicking on the necessary layer in the menu and selecting Remove Layer:

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    Norm Gilbert

    Your example assumes one image per layer. Deleting the layer deletes the image. As I said in my first post, your software allows multiple images to be loaded in a single layer. How do I remove one image and leave the other? Or better yet, since it is a non-linear editor, ONE IMAGE PER LAYER.

    As the immortal Steve Jobs said:"Why use two clicks when one will do?"

    Macs do not have a RIGHT CLICK, it has to be done with modifier keys, using both hands.

    This is simply poor interface design by engineers who use windows and external mice and not a laptop trackpad.

    The interface for layers in Luminar 4 was by far superior to this. Where is copy and paste masks? Where in invert mask?

    This interface looks cobbled together at the last minute to make an unrealistic release date. Or simply to make the product look more "sleek" or "new", by hiding important functions, which is a marketing decision, not a technical one.

    I hope you will give some consideration to scrapping this layer interface on Neo Mac, and in general avoid using modifier keys for everyday functions.

    Please go back to the interface used in Luminar 4, which is far superior to this. All mouse and click based, with no modifier keys needed

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