Migrating to new imac 24




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    Tania Taylor

    Hi Millne Thornton!

    By any chance, do you see the triangles with exclamation marks in the upper left corner of your images? That would mean that the app has lost connection with the files.

    The thing is that your Luminar AI doesn't physically save photos in its Library and loses track of the photos' location when you rename the images (while LAI is closed), move them to another location (as in your case), or disconnect the external drive. 

    You can reconnect separate lost images and whole folders. Here's how you can do this: https://manual.skylum.com/ai/en/topic/reconnecting-lost-edits?q=lost+edits.

    If you need our further help, please reach out to the support team and send us some screenshots via https://skylum.com/support.

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    Millne Thornton

    Hi Tania Thank you that solved my problem all my photos are stored on external disc.

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