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    Ivan Azure

    Hi Satoshi,

    The described tendency is not a bug.

    If one chooses to view Raw Only or JPG Only, deleting a RAW or JPG image will move both files in the RAW/JPG pair to the Trash collection in Luminar AI. Clearing in-app Trash will remove the files from the drive and will place them into the system Trash.

    Here it is possible to get acquainted with the more detailed information:

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    Satoshi Inoue

    First of all, isn't it a bug that when I open a target image in JPEG view-only mode, it opens a RAW image data? The file name is also "example.rw2". There is a JPEG file that corresponds to this file. It has the same file name except for the extension.

    Next, I delete the pictures in Luminar. Then I clear the trash in Luminar.
    Then sometimes the JPEG and RAW files are moved as a set to the Finder's Trash, and sometimes only the RAW images are moved to the Trash. Files that have not been deleted/moved will remain in the original folder where the image data was located.

    When this amount of deleted data is small, it is good because it is easy to grasp the problem, but when the amount of deleted data is large, it is difficult to identify the files any longer.


    If that's not a bug, is Luminar's database corrupted? How can I repair the database?

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