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    Ivan Azure

    Hi Anael, 

    Could you provide us with the screenshots reflecting the problem? Reach our representatives via or and we will consult you in a more detailed way.

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    Gary Bowen

    Hello Anael -

    Luminar 3 is a good program, one of my favorites along with Luminar 4. L3 has the best user menu layout for editing photos.

    Sounds like you have it installed. Time to find your images and edit.

    Below the File label on the Menu bar there is a down arrow icon - click on it and a drop list appears. 

    To select a folder that contains your pictures, click on Add Folder... and the Browse For Folder window opens. 

    Navigate to the folder you want, click on it then click on OK. Your images will populate the main pane.

    To edit an image, click on it, then click on the Edit tab near the upper right of the Luminar window. The image library window changes to the image in edit mode. The right pane now displays all of the edit tools.

    From here L3 becomes a powerful editing tool and the menuing system can be cusomized to your workflow, something all newer Luminar programs CAN'T do.

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