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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi Keith, 

    Are you trying to install template files into Luminar Neo?

    If that is the case, please note that templates are not yet available in Luminar Neo, they will be, however, with the official February release.

    If you are trying to install custom skies by chance?

    If so, first of all, please unzip the downloaded pack. On Mac, simply double-click the zipped file, and then follow the instructions.

    Here’s how you can upload custom skies:  

    • Load a picture with the sky that you want to replace in Luminar.

    • In the right Tools panel, scroll down to the Creative section.

    • Choose Skyᴬᴵ > Sky Selection. 
    • In the window that opens select the upper menu with skies > find Custom in the drop-down list.

      In the Custom section, click the + button.

    • A dialog window will open where you'll need to navigate to the folder with your skies and choose the one you need. 

    • Confirm the selection and enjoy the tool! Skyᴬᴵ will work with your own photos if they are in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, and TIFF

    If you'd like to add these skies to the default drop-down menu, click Skyᴬᴵ > Sky Selection > select upper menu with skies > Show Custom Skies

    > copy the skies to the folder that opens. 

    We recommend keeping no more than 50 skies loaded at a time for better performance.

    This video tutorial can also be helpful: 

    The video is for Luminar AI, but the same logic applies.

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