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    Elena Blum

    Hi Glenn,

    When you add a folder, none of your photos are moved. Luminar simply scans the folder and any subfolders and creates thumbnails and links to the images inside. The edits are saved in the catalog folder and when you’re ready to share or use your files elsewhere, you can export images with your edits applied.

    You can export the following types: Jpeg, Tiff, Png, Psd, .jp2

    Luminar Neo can be used as a plug-in or extension for:

    • Lightroom Classic (starting from version 6);
    • Photoshop (from version CS5);
    • Photos for macOS;
    • Microsoft Photos.

    With the initial release of Luminar Neo, the use of Photoshop-style plugins is not expected to be included. However, we clearly understand the popularity of this request and are actively exploring its implementation.

    Our brand-new Luminar Neo engine and layers workflow mean that support is possible. This will pave the way for smoother integrations with other specialized plugins.

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