Well I bought Luminar AI




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    Elena Blum

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry, I definitely understand your concern and if you have any issues please contact our support team https://skylum.com/support  so that we can take a closer look at what’s going on right away.

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    Gary Hutchings

    I am really glad you express concern, but I have been down that route many times.. 

    All that is left to us that still use the software is to talk with fellow purchasers.. 

    Support fixes issues that it decides to.  I have been with Skylum long enough to know, no one is listening. 


    Not really listening. 

    You are so tone deaf to how many walk away from your software, just because of the ENDLESS, GREEDY, IN YOUR FACE, upsale.. Always trying to push the next thing you are selling, even when long standing issues with older programs don't ever get fixed.. 

    So.. You could say sorry, that would have value.. But unless you have replaced your support staff, then their is zero value in putting in a ticket. 

    Everyone here knows this, even you probably know this and are unable to admit it. 

    I bought more from you, KNOWING that I would be on my own technically. 

    I buy knowing what I am getting into, most do not understand what awaits them with this software. 

    If you had leadership that cared more as much about product quality, as he does money, you might be a REALLY world wide respected software.  

    I don't see that ever happening, your CEO is the worst. He does not care.. 







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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Gary,

    We'd really love to help you, but we cannot do that unless we know what issue you need help with.

    You can find Orton Effect in the Glow tool:

    Just like Luminar 4, the tool has advanced controls (Softness, Brightness, Contrast, and Warmth) and the Amount slider that sets the overall strength of the tool. 

    If you require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach our support team at skylum.com/support. We will do our best to make sure you're happy with our product.

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