NEO (early version): Basic usability - potentially frustrating




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    Katherine Nelson

    Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for your detailed feedback, we really appreciate it! I will forward all your suggestions to our tech team for their consideration:)

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    Marcello Macedo

    Hi Folks,

    I'll corroborate Stephan's comments.

    Item 2 and item 4 ==> there should be broader cataloging options, via Stars (1 to 5) and Colors, as did on Luminar 4, and it Filters.

    Item 4.b ==> The cataloging feature must be native. What if the user doesn't have Luminar4 or other cataloging software.

    Item 5 ==> absolutely correct. This is a must have feature, for Windows, also.


    And I'll add to the list (all available on Luminar 4 and on almost any similar software):

    -the Sync Adjustments feature. It is another 'must have' that is missing so far, and is mandatory on any software that has this purpose.

    -Edits History

    -Level Histogram


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    Helga Hufflepuff

    Hi Marcello Macedo,

    Please, note that sync adjustments feature as well as histogram are going to be implemented in our upcoming updates. I'm sorry they weren't included in initial release, but be assured that we will return them.

    As for edits, you can definitely find them in Edits section. Here is the screenshot to help you navigate: 

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