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    Kate Williams

    Hi Carlos,

    When launching Luminar AI, we promised to keep supporting Luminar 4 in terms of compatibility and performance. Please note that this kind of support doesn't include shipping any new major features. 

    As for the Luminar Neo preorder, please note that we offer various options. You can get Luminar AI which is still supported or you can pre-order just Luminar Neo.
    If you don't have any previous versions of our software and would like to start editing right now, you can get Luminar AI (for instant access to the features) and Luminar Neo (which will ship this winter). You can also go for this bundle if you want an app for quick edits and a template-driven workflow (Luminar AI) and an app for more complex tasks. 

    The bottom line is that you're free to choose what suits your workflow best. 


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