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    Elena Blum

    Hi Wil IJpelaar,

    Luminar Neo is a new product and it's not an upgrade from Luminar 4 or Luminar AI. 

    Compatibility and performance updates for both Luminar 4 and Luminar AI will be still delivered. These updates will be free.

    Please note that all of our licenses are perpetual licenses.

    Together with a perpetual software license, we usually offer a technical support period of one/two years.

    With perpetual software licensing, you as the customer pay an upfront fee for the software license as well as a limited additional support period that includes additional benefits. After the support period has expired, you have the option of continuing to use the current version of the software without updates for the new operating system versions or of paying for the upgrade / new version.

    Both Luminar 4 and Luminar AI will continue to run for many years to come (as long as your computer meets the system requirements).

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    Philippe CARON

    Cela n'engage que moi, mais voilà mes impressions sur l'évolution des luminars.
    On aurait pu avoir un luminair AI 2.0 qui aurait été  le luminar NEO. Mais ...
    La base conceptuelle de luminar AI ne devait pas permettre l'évolution prise par les concepteurs de luminar NEO. 
    comme pour luminar 4 vers luminar AI d'ailleurs.
    Les concepteurs de Skylum ont su préférer rebâtir sur de nouvelles bases plus saines, un nouveau logiciel plutôt que bricoler l'ancienne version et cela me parait sage.
    L'avenir le dira, attendons février voir ce que NEO va nous montrer.

    Les tests de la version beta sont alléchants !!!!!


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