NEO...are we finally getting GPU acceleration?




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    Badrol Hisham Ibrahim

    Same question from me also.

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    Elena O'Brien


    Indeed, right now, Luminar relies more on RAM and processors for now. We do use graphics cards for some processes, however, not as extensively as one would love to. 

    Right now, we do not have information about GPU acceleration for Luminar Neo. Please stay tuned as we release more information about it!

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    Elena, your answer does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. You guys  knocked it out of the park on your UI....I'm hoping there's some heavy lifting going on under the hood.

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    Tim Horne

    This is what I'm predicting based upon my previous experience .... once Skylum gets enough money from Neo, they will write a "new" version of Neo that uses new technology and programming that now enables GPU acceleration and will call it Skylum Neo 2 and charge for it once again. Meanwhile, they will tell those waiting for the past 3 years on an Aurora HDR camera update that they "do not have an ETA for the next Aurora HDR update. Still, we're not abandoning it and we kindly ask you to stay tuned." Then they will refer you back to their competitor, Adobe, to use their DNG converter to be able to use Skylum software.

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