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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Charles,

    Luminar Neo will have layers that will allow for manual stacking, but we do not have plans to implement focus stacking at this time. Focus stacking is a very niche procedure and while some all-in-one applications can do it, the best results come from software that specialize in focus stacking. I personally use Helicon Focus. You can merge your raw files in Helicon then open the merged file in Luminar Neo for your creative edits. 

    For HDR, we still support Aurora HDR (Luminar's sister program).

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    Tim Horne

    "For HDR, we still support Aurora HDR (Luminar's sister program)"

    Wow, this is rich! Let's see, the only update of Aurora HDR is when MacOS forced you to do a recompile. There have been no real updates to Aurora HDR. It came out in September of 2018 and there have been NO camera updates in three years! We keep getting the same old message "We are concentrating our resources on Luminar AI". Well multiple versions of Luminar AI have been released, where are the camera updates to Aurora HDR?? Oh wait, you were actually developing Luminar NEO, screw all those who purchased Aurora HDR. Skylum will continue to say they support Aurora HDR until 1.) they drop it all together 2.) Come out with a new version and make us pay for the updated camera support.  DO NOT TRUST Skylum with your hard-earned dollars!!!

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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi Tim Horne,

    I completely understand your concern! Indeed, right now, Luminar AI and Luminar Neo is our top priority and all our power is being directed in that direction.

    I wish I had some good news, but, Aurora HDR is still supported, therefore, we are expecting updates for it as well. But right now, there is no ETA.

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