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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi Xiaofei Wu,

    Indeed, Sony FX3 is not yet supported by Luminar AI.

    For now, we recommend you install Adobe DNG Converter and convert your RAW files to DNG file format (which is supported by Luminar). 

    Please use one of the links below to download Adobe DNG Converter:

    For Mac OS: 

    For Windows: 


    Also, please note that Luminar uses a pure RAW converter, that is, it shows the image as it was taken by the camera. 

    What you see is a normal behavior for all RAW files. RAWs contain what's called an embedded JPEG - it's a JPEG with automatic adjustments applied by the camera. Your camera uses it to display a preview, and image viewing software might also show the embedded JPEG. Embedded JPEG is not how your camera shot the photo, it's a beautified version of it.

    When you open an image in Luminar, you might see a JPEG preview for a bit, while the original RAW is being loaded.

    Once the file is rendered, you'll see the image exactly as it was taken by the camera. 

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    Xiaofei Wu

    I need FX3 to be supported

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