LAI : a checkbox to select templates names instead of thumbnails




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Marc,

    At this time, we have no plans to change the interface of the Templates tab; however, I can't but agree that the described template manager features would be a great addition to the app. I definitely see how helpful they could be in your case. I've added your vote for them. 

    Meanwhile, here's how you can remove the templates you no longer need: 

    1. Open search, paste %appdata%\Luminar AI\Data\Templates\Purchased and press Enter on your keyboard. 

    2. There will be folders named alphanumerically. Here's how you can find out the name of the pack they correspond to:

    1. In %appdata%\Luminar AI\Data\Templates\Purchased, double-click the Template folder. Its name is in the following format 3af25d73-d9e9-46f1-b122-f791c448730f
    2. In the folder that opens, there will be two folders: Config and the folder with an alphanumeric name. Open the latter one.  See the screenshot: 
    3. Locate the folder 'localizations' and open it. 
    4. Find the file named 'en.strings' > right-click it > Open With > Notepad. See the screenshot: 
    5. The pack name will be displayed: 
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    marc labro

    Thank you Kate.

    The big buttons/thumbnails are for "babies" :-)

    We need as few scroll and click as possible and Luminar AI is champion to add advanced submenus with one item inside, big buttons requiring lot of pages of thumbnails, local tools requiring 3 levels of menu before adding a second radial filter,...

    It is time i think to update the interface. I miss Luminar 3-4, really !

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