Can you batch multiple/different images?




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    Margaret Bright

    Dear Member,

    Of course, you can batch process different images in Aurora HDR. The batch processing option is available on the welcome screen:

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    Lonnie Dillon

    So how do you (Aurora) differentiate the rooms (in the OP's case, 4 different rooms, each with their own bracketed set).  Can you drop them all at once and let Aurora figure out which photos go with each set?  OR do you have to drop one room at a time (and you drop a subsequent set while Aurora is gonkulating on previous sets?)

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Lonnie,

    At the moment there are several bracket detection rules that are at play when Aurora checks the images you send to batch.

    In order to compose bracket groups, Aurora reads the images' metadata and checks for the following:

    Rule 1

    • Same file extension
    • Same exposure program
    • Same focal length

    Rule 2

    • Time difference between shots is less than 4 seconds

    Rule 3

    • If the image cannot be previewed the time difference between brackets should be less than 15 seconds in order for them to be recognized as a group

    Rule 4

    • Edges comparing

    In case any of these checks returns false, the image will be recognized as a single.

    I hope that helps!

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