LuminarAI as plugin stay open when image edit is applied.




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Russ,

    Luminar allows viewing only one image in the main edit window; it doesn't have the option to close the photo like Photoshop does. You can only toggle between the Single Image View (Edit panel) and the Library view (Catalog).

    Thus when you send back the processed file to your host app, the plugin thinks that it's done its job and closes, allowing you to keep working with your host app. This is how our plugin is currently configured

    I will, however, forward the suggestion to make Luminar stay open when several files need to be processed in the plugin mode, so our techs could check what can be done considering the current architecture. 

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    Russ Colban

    OK. So I tried sending over several (4) LR images at the same time. When AI opened, it displayed the first of the four. After editing it I hit 'Apply' and the edited image showed back up in LR. Then an interesting thing happened. AI automatically (and quickly) opened again, displaying the second of the four images. I edited that one, hit 'Apply' and the whole process repeated itself until all four images were edited and returned to LR. So, if I don't mind the kind of 'batch process' function, this procedure seems to give me what I want, 

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