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    Helga Hufflepuff

    Hello Barbara Schmidt,

    Please, note that currently subfolders are not supported by Luminarᴬᴵ. You can definitely separate sky images between several folders, however if you create a subfolder in one of them, it won't display in the list.

    If there is anything else we can do for you, please, let us know. 

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    Barbara Schmidt

    OK. I've created a folder with all my sky and cloud photos in it. All edited and ready to go. But I can't get to that folder when I'm editing a photo. How?

    And I don't really understand about separating sky images among several folders.  How?

    And thanks for your prompt response to my first question. 



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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Barbara,

    Here’s how you can upload custom skies:  

    • Load a picture with the sky that you want to replace in Luminar.
    • In the top-bar menu, select the Edit tab.
    • In the right Tools panel, scroll down to the Creative section.
    • Choose Skyᴬᴵ > Sky Selection. 
    • In the window that opens select the upper menu with skies > find Custom in the drop-down list: 
    • In the Custom section, click the + button: 
    • A dialog window will open where you'll need to navigate to the folder with your skies and choose the one you need. 
    • Confirm the selection and enjoy the tool!
    • Skyᴬᴵ will work with your own photos if they are in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, and TIFF

    If further assistance is needed, please reach us at 

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