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    Helena Carter

    Hi Everyone,
    We definitely plan to implement this functionality in the future. However, there's no ETA for now. Please, stay tuned! I will make sure to forward your feedback to our developers.

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    Nick Buchholz

    Correct. Until this is not addressed Luminar will always remain a plug-in and never be a stand alone editor. My best guess is that Skylum doesn't care because they make the same amount of money if we only use Luminar as a plug-in.

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    Tom Treuten

    Ok. I'm out of LUMINAR and returned to the perpetual payment model of Adobe.

    I might return some day when LUMIAR really is able to adress to the needs of (semi-)professional photographers as a standalone tool.

    That means:

    Once Luminar does stop to make my CPU and fans go crazy when editing a single picture. I do have up2date HW (iMac 2019,  3,7 Ghz i7 and 16 GB of RAM) but still trying to use the clone feature makes my iMac sound like a starting fighting jet.

    Once Luminar is able to add watermarks in bulk exports instead over making a single overlay on any individual picture. You do that for an export of 100+ photos that'll drive you crazy. That goofus workaround to use an overlay texture is not option! It adds hours of additional work. Why? See next point....

    Once Luminar is able to create virtual copies and not make me handishly copy each picture I want to have in bw and color and make double my disk space used for that because I do need a physical copy. That would be necessary to have the pictures with watermarks too.... that means having 4 physical copies (DNG or RAW) of 1 pictures simply to have it in color and bw and with or without watermark. Besides I have to make these copies by hand before editing. 

    Sorry - L4 is a kiddy toy but not a srious piece of software for professionals. And after spending a whole year with L3 and L4 ind the discomfort of missing these essential features - I kicked out Luminar.

    Let me know once you covered this and I consider to get back to you.

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