No Selection tool? No Edge Aware masking tool?



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    Jesse Phoenix

    It's as if Skylum believes the only images we take are easily manipulated landscape shots. The tutorials never show the real world challenges and artistic expression many of us need to do. AI is great but can't replace the need for either a selection tool or edge aware masking.

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Jesse,

    Some of the new tools that are coming to Luminar 4 will be content-aware. For instance, AI Structure. The best part of it that no masking or selection is needed at all. AI-powered technology will do all the work. You can check more info here: That's only one content-aware feature of a few.

    However, I do see how you'd like to have a selection tool or an edge-aware masking tool for all the filters and I'll be sure to pass your comments onto the team in charge.


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