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    Kate Williams


    Let me please address your questions:

    1. This is a known issue that our team is currently working on. The fix should become available in one of the following Luminar 3 updates.

    2. The support of these shortcuts in Erase, Clone and Stamp and Free Transform tools is temporarily unavailable. We'll be sure to change that in the future. Meanwhile, I recommend you to use Subtract mode  with which you'll be able to refine what you've painted with the erase brush. Still, once you've hit Done and decided to re-erase something, you'll need to remove the layer and start from scratch. 

    3. Please note that the app always sticks to the actual aspect ratio of the image, i.e. if you change the size of one edge (A), the other one (B) will always be recalculated considering the new A's size and the ratio of the original image.


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    Thanks for the answers.

    2. Yes, I've used Subtract but that's only available before erasing. You don't always know what it's look like after erasing something and it's pretty frustrating to start doing things from scratch in these cases. For example you have picture with 10 people and you want to remove 8 of them. First 6 is removed nicely but then 7th is not. So you have to start all over again (or remove every people separately in different layers).

    3. At a moment it's pretty hard to get your image to certain size in Luminar. Now I use paint for that and this is not the ideal scenario.

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