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    Peter Gladstein

    See last post  - 

    Topaz would have fixed this the same or next day instead Skylum support recommends we use a different mouse. FYI, this issue is eight months old.

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Mark and Peter,

    As far as I can see, the magic mouse sensitivity issue has been resolved by our team. Still, the fix has not been rolled out in 3.1.3 update. Please expect it in one of the following Luminar 3 releases. 

    As for Virtual copies and compare function -  we do have these features in our backlog, which means that they will be implemented eventually, but for now, there's no ETA for that. I'll forward your feedback to our team in charge so that they could consider increasing the priority of these features. 

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    Mark Barnes

    Thanks Kate,

    This has been a frustrating experience as these issues have gone on way too long. Virtual copies/compare are essential and basic functions of most of the DAMs out there, and don't understand why they weren't included in the initial roll out, or updated long before now. The Magic Mouse issue drives man of us nuts. 

    I have moved over to ON1 for the simple reason of their DAM functionality & use Luminar Flex as a plug in. I really want to use Luminar as my total DAM & editing host but don't for these reasons. Until then many of us are in a "wait and see mode". I think it would be essential for the CEO to acknowledge these concerns and would give Skylum some credibility that the users are heard & steps are being taken to fix issues with a hard timeline...or an explanation why not.


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