Aurora HDR 2019 Multi-Core



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    Helena Carter

    Hi Jim,

    Our software mostly uses CPU. However, updating graphics card drivers sometimes helps to improve the performance.

    Try fully reinstalling drivers for all graphics cards on your system.

    Make sure to fully uninstall your current graphics drivers before proceeding. How to uninstall drivers (click this text to open link). You'll need to do this for all devices under Display Adaptors on your system:

    Download and install drivers from the manufacturer's website:

    After you have updated your graphics card drivers, make sure to set your discrete graphics card to run Aurora by default (usually this concerns laptops). Refer to your graphics card's manufacturer's website if you need help with that.

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    Jim Kimpel


    I don't have an issue.  I just wanted to know that if I upgraded from a 6 core CPU to a 12 or 18 core, would the Aurora program use the additional cores and threads?

    Is there a limit to the amount of cores that Aurora will use?



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    Lars Michael

    I second that question.

    How many cores does Aurora support?  What, if any, is the maximum number?

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