Thoughts about the update of version 3.1.3



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    Vereslavska Anna Veres

    Hi Burkhard Bahr

    We will do our best to implement cr3 support in Luminar but now we try to make Luminar stable and fast.

    Still, cr3 support will be definitely added to Luminar but for now, we don't have any ETA. 

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    Colin Grant

    Another great (not) response from the support staff. Clearly: stable, fast and cr3 all coexist in this response on the basis they will probably never happen in L3.

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    Burkhard Bahr

    Dear Anna Veres,
    frankly, your answer is an embarrassment that cannot be outbid.

    Luminar 4 will be released in a few weeks - after what you say, we have to be prepared for this version 4 not to support ".CR3" either.

    I cannot use Luminar at the moment - who will compensate me for this?

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