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    Vance Zachary

    @Tom l am a fellow user. Glad to hear that Luminar is working for you and meeting most of your photography needs.

    One of the features lacking in Luminar 3 for Windows is plugins support (which is limited to Adobe and Apple products).

    Support for other software such as Affinity Photo, Topaz, Nik Collection among others (used by increasing numbers of Adobe cord cutters and that has functionality Luminar doesn't) is lacking and limiting usefulness.

    Even Luminar plugin support with Skylum's own Aurora HDR is sadly not there.This lack of plugin support, especially for Windows, is one of the things that, for me, limits Luminar's standalone usefulness compared to Lightroom and Photoshop.

    I truly hope that these things will not be swept under the rug in favor of gimmicks. I welcome new functionality but not at the expense of improved base functionality.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome! Please let us know if you have any questions about Luminar 3 (or the recently announced pre-order for Luminar 4). We're here to help!

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