Roadmap Questions - Luminar 4 and Flex



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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Peter! 
    Yes, Luminar 4 will be a universal upgrade for both Luminar 3 and Luminar Flex. Thus, it will imply the plugin functionality. 
    As for the Luminar Flex, it will be updated in terms of compatibility only. 

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    Al Martire

    So Luminar Flex is already being abandoned!  Wow, that didn't last long...

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    Anders Svensson

    First Skylum releases Luminar 3 with standalone and plugin support at the end of 2018.

    Then when 3 proves to be buggy and incomplete they release Flex in March and start saying that Luminar 3 is the standalone product, Flex is the plugin, that plugin support will be removed from Luminar 3, and that standalone support will be removed from Flex. Basic features that people were expecting in this ground-breaking DAM that Luminar 3 was supposed to deliver are moved to a published roadmap. Flex was just a repackaged Luminar 2018.
    Now, before any of this has been implemented, they start peddling Luminar 4 and say it's the upgrade for both Luminar 3 and Flex, that the roadmap was never meant to apply to Luminar 3 specifically, and that the focus is now on "AI" features.

    I'm sure that even Skylum doesn't know what will come next: it's blindingly obvious that they're making it up as they go.
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    Kate Williams


    We invented Luminar to make photo editing more accessible and innovative. Right from the beginning, innovation was our main focus. We simply don’t want to release the clone of other photo editing software.
    We’ve released three major versions of Luminar through the years.
    -A photo editor. An easy to use tool for opening individual photographs and editing them to perfection.
    -A plugin and extension. The ability to add Luminar to your favorite Adobe and Apple applications.
    - A photo library. The ability to import, browse, rate, and view your entire photo library easily.
    These are three very different types of uses.
    Some of our customers need one of these workflows.
    Others use two or even three.
    All of these are equally important, and we care about each of our customers.
    What we decided to do.
    The next version of Luminar (our fourth major release) will fully support all three of these workflows. The fourth release of Luminar is a universal ecosystem with a heavy focus on innovative photo editing capabilities.



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    Collin Moore

    Sorry, but "We simply don’t want to release the clone of other photo editing software." That was the entire ad campaign for Luminar 2018 and Luminar 3. It was sold as a Lightroom replacement, part of being a replacement is to match or outdo the software you are competing against, which Luminar has failed at.

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    Richard Huggins

    Instead of " heavy focus on innovative photo editing capabilities" could we have a focus on the bread and butter editing capabilities we need for day to day editing! Masking and printing spring to mind.

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