Luminar Crashing, unable to open.



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    Terry Rogers

    Hi Mark,

    Please try to reinstall Luminar. We recommend doing a full uninstall with AppCleaner. 

    • Download AppCleaner from here (click this text to open link).
    • Install AppCleaner and start it.
    • Drag Luminar from your Applications folder into the AppCleaner window. When removing Luminar, mark all the files and folders in the list, except for
    • Once you've uninstalled Luminar, restart your Mac and download a fresh version of Luminar from here (click this text to open link).

    Please kindly contact us via if this does not help.

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    Mark Johnson

    Thanks Terry,

    Ive found a bit of a fix, the crash is linked to the photo I've just edited, I remove that photo from my luminar through finder to my desktop, restart Luminar, it hands and I have to force quit, restart again and it opens, I then drag the photo back in the folder and all is good so far, I then do one edit, close Luminar, restart, do another edit this time with silver efex pro2 save back to Luminar and shut down Luminar, restart Luminar do some final edit, restart Luminar and all seems to be ok, I might give your suggestion a go later but not that confident in myself to do it correctly.

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