Recommnendations for Luminar 3 and Flex videos



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    Egidio Leitao


    Like you, I have been using Lightroom for a long time. Although I have all software that Skylum has made, I find myself starting my edits with LR time and time again. The promise of libraries with Luminar 3 remains, unfortunately, very rudimentary and very, very slow, especially if you have a large library, as I do. The lack of keyword addition and search keeps the software as a non-competitor with LR, as far as I'm concerned. Also masking is ok, but not as precise as LR. So, I keep using LR first and occasionally switch to Luminar for a final adjustment. Luminar's AI filter is amazing. So, after I do my LR edits, I may occasionally export that to Luminar for AI, Orton Effects, and/or color cast removal. 

    As for intermediate videos, Jim Nix has a series of good videos in his YouTube page where he delves deeper into specific filters. I like those. You might want to check one of those to see if they fill your needs.



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    Rob O'Keefe

    Thanks Egidio, your experience matches mine.

    Also, I am moving more and more towards the reality of using iPhone and iPad for photography. The immediacy makes a big difference. Luminar's Ipad app seems to be 18 months away at best, after Luminar 4.

    I fully support Luminar, but not ready for me yet other than as a plugin to LR.

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