Luminar3 not seeing Noiseless CK



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    Richard Huggins

    There's a plug in NoiselessPlugin.plugin you need to find and point Luminar at. I forget where it lives as I moved mine to a more accessible folder. If you're on a Mac I think its somewhere like Library/Application Support/MacPhun Software/Noiseless/Plugins

    Then Edit>Plugins>Other>Open Plugin. If you're lucky support will tell you where it lives.

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    Anna V

    Hi John, 

    Please try the following:

    1. Open Finder, click Go > Go to Folder and paste the following path: /Library/Application Support/MacPhun Software/Noiseless/Plug-ins 
    2. Copy the NoiselessPlugin.plugin file somewhere where you can easily find it. 
    3. In Luminar, double-click any photo to open the full preview mode.
    4. Click Edit > Plugins > Other > Open Plugin > point Luminar to the .plugin file you just copied. The CK app should open.

    Best regards, 

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