Luminar 3 starts now, that helped me



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    Terry Rogers

    Hi Ralf!

    Actually, our technical support replied to your email 6 days ago, however, it looks like it did not reach you.

    Here's the complete solution:

    Please try reinstalling the app in the following way:
    * Go to “Apps and Features” by right clicking on the Start button;
    * Find Luminar there and click [Uninstall] (you can also uninstall from the Control Panel);
    * Type %appdata% in Search (folder Roaming should open);
    * Delete the contents of the subfolder “Luminar 3” except for StateSettings file;
    * Go to Pictures -> Luminar Catalog and rename it (if you have the Catalog in another folder, please navigate to it and rename it);
    * Install the app once again and launch it: 
    After the app is installed please open your Catalog via File > Catalog > Open.

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    Ralf Rosemeyer

    I did not find a mail in the spam or in the inbox but thank you. Your solution is almost exactly what I write above;)
    In the meantime, the version is running and I do not test it anymore, I also use another software because I have to continue my projects and can not wait until a clean, liquid and above all a working version comes.
    Have a good time ...

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