3.1.1 still has Magic Mouse issues and Still no Nikon lens info



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    Shane Dias

    3.1.1 does not show Nikon Lens information for the D500. This means that Luminar 3.1.1 cannot do any lens distortion corrections on a Nikon Lens. On the bright side it does show this information for Fujifilm lenses.

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    Helena Carter

    Hi Everyone,

    As to the Magic Mouse, there's no ETA yet. Regarding EXIF info, it will be fixed in the next update 3.1.2. As for now, there's no timeline as well, but we will keep you posted. Check our roadmap to be aware of all upcoming updates: https://skylum.com/luminar/roadmap

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    Bernd Diekers

    The magic mouse issue is driving me crazy too. Don't understand why scrolling through pictures isn't disabled when the mouse pointer is in the editing area. Wondering why nobody noticed this during testing.

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