Skylum Stinks



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    Colin Grant

    I dislike Skylum too but have you emailed Support? I do not necessarily expect you to get a helpful answer but they usually say something.

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    Martin Dick

    Do you have a valid email address for Skylum?

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Martin,

    You can indeed contact us via email (the address provided by Colin is correct). While there is no way to resize photos by inches Luminar, you can crop your images to a 6x8 ratio. I'll be happy to share the suggestion for cropping and export sizing in inches with our developers for their consideration.

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    Geoffrey Hahn

    I'm curious - why the absolute need to crop to an exact physical size?  That seems counter-productive to the whole lossless data philosophy that the software is based on.

    There is a fairly simply way to generate a jpg file that is an exact size, but it does take some use of algebra to accomplish:

    1)  Edit and crop the image to your satisfaction.

    2)  Go to Export to Image.  You have to click the icon in the upper right side to locate this option.

    3)  Select JPG or JPG-2000 as the export format.

    4)  Set Resize to Dimensions.

    5)  Here's the tricky part.  You want an image that is 4 inches by 6 inches.  You simply take the resolution and multiply it by the number of inches desired in one dimension and enter that value into the correct field.  Say your resolution is currently set at the default 240 pixels/inch.  Multiply 240 by 6 to get 1,440.  Enter that value into the appropriate Dimension field and voila! You have a JPG file that is sized at 4 x 6.

    I do hope that you find this useful, Martin.

    Angela - a suggestion for the programmers.  In the export Image window, add a drop down box next to the Size field(s) that allows selection of pixels, inches, cm and of course the appropriate logic behind the scenes.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Geoffrey,

    I've added it to the feature request list. I agree those options would be very helpful!

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