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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Archi! Thanks for your suggestion. A look (former preset) is a set of filters and adjustments. Image layers, masks and blending modes are not implied.  
    We will consider it for the future.
    Best regards,

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    Robert Turner

    Hi Arch,

        Interesting idea, I created a new Adjustment Layer and then applied a Look to it. I used Female Portrait in my example. After apply the look, I applied a Radial Mask over the face and Inverted the mask. This applied the look to just the face and not the rest of the image. Worked well. Blending mode adjustments were available, in my case it was not helpful.



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    Kirk Osborn

    We are glad to hear that you've found your way of editing.

    You're welcome to share your awesome photos in our Facebook photo community: 

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